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The advantage leader by a long shot!

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Seal it once and for all!

  • Pioneers of manhole sealing solutions
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 36 years in the industry
  • Outstanding support team
  • US & Canada sales representatives

External Joint Wrap

External Cretex Wrap

Why Cretex Specialty Products?

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Cretex Classic Internal Chimney Seal

Comprehensive Inflow and Infiltration Solutions that get the job done right!

1) Pioneers of technology in manhole sealing solutions

We are the leaders, the pioneers, and developers of the largest line of products for all your manhole sealing solutions.

2) 36 years in the industry

We have been around for a long time, seen the gamut of problems, and never failed to find the right solution.

3) Satisfaction Guaranteed

OK. We know you have heard that before, but we mean it and back our products up with a 25 and 50 year warranty.

4) Outstanding support team

Your Cretex support team and representatives are like you in the field, on the worksite and know how to get your job done right.

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How much is the I&I in your manhole costing you?

The Problem

  • Leaking Lid
  • Leaking Frame & Chimney
  • Structure loss in Chimney
  • Leaking Barrel Joints
  • Leaking Pipe Joints
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The CRETEX Solution

  • Internal Chimney Seals
  • External Chimney Seals
  • Internal Joint Seals
  • External Joint Wrap
  • HydraTite Pipe Joint Seals
  • Inflow Dish
  • Lid Plugs


Designed to stand the test of time Only Cretex Specialty Products offers a

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