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Q3 Recap And Q4 Expectations
        We’ve just entered the last quarter of the year, which means …

PRO-RING Demo in Northeast, WI
        We’ve been easing back into our product demonstrations slowly…

Free Product Demonstrations Are Back!
        We are excited to share that our free product demonstration program is back…

Manhole Maintenance: A Fall Prep Checklist
  Fall brings a lot of things. Pumpkin Spice (if you’re into that)…

An Indoor Manhole Challenge, Solved By PRO-RING
    Not too long ago, our team headed to Northeast Oklahoma

Q2 Highlights:
      An Underwater Installation and Budget Conversations

Saving Time and Money Are Important.
        Our products can help…

No Trade Shows, No Problem
        We continue to support our customers…

Save Time and Money
Stopping inflow across multiple industries…

Stop Inflow
Consider these time & money saving tips

Looking Back & Looking Ahead
      We’ve entered a new quarter, and also transitioned into a new season…. 

Cretex COVID-19 Update

LSS Internal Chimney Seal Demo Recap
        Product demos not only help us show the benefits …. 

A Successful WWETT Show 2020
        The show focuses on providing…. 

Experience The Benefits of The PRO-RING
        Hundreds of thousands of PRO-RING units…. 

The Issue With Inflow & Infiltration
        Inflow and infiltration is clear water that

Have Inflow & Infiltration Questions?
         One of our goals for 2020 is to share tips

Why We Offer Multiple PRO-RING Sizes
        We know that one size does not fit all industries.



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