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In honor of the season of thanksgiving, we would like to take time this month to focus on the unsung heroes of the industry, the water and wastewater professionals. These individuals often put themselves in harm’s way and are tasked with helping keep our drinking water safe, waterways clean, and sewage processed. We think you fit in the same categories as our emergency responders and law enforcers, helping to make sure every American is safe from harm’s way.

These unsung heroes often work behind the scenes, doing their jobs day in and day out without recognition. We believe water and wastewater operators are among the unsung heroes because of the role they play in providing safe drinking water across the country. Get an inside look at the role that these unsung heroes play in this video.

Please check out our Facebook and Linkedin pages as we share insights and videos throughout the month, highlighting the work that they do, the dangers they put themselves in, and the fantastic work they do every day. Do you know an unsung hero that works in the water or wastewater profession? Click on the button below and send them some kudos! As we round out this month of thanks, we would like all water and wastewater professionals to know that we appreciate them. Thank you for the work that you do every day and for the dangerous situations you put yourself in. You are an unsung hero – thank you!

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