The right chimney seal can help stop up to 70 percent of your inflow and infiltration issues. Our Cretex Classic Internal Chimney Seal has been designed to do just that–stop the inflow. We have a chimney seal to fit your needs:


  • Available in widths of your standard: 8 ⅜”, 10” , 13”
  • Made of a minimum 3/16 inch thick rubber for durability and resistance to puncturing or tearing.
  • Conforms to the physical requirements of ASTM C-923.
  • Cretex’s pleated configuration provides for a minimum of 2 inch vertical and/or ½ inch horizontal movement.
  • Flexibility of the seals allows one size to fit a frame or chimney diameter differential up to 20 percent.
  • Designed for installation in either existing or new manholes.
  • Does not require excavation or manhole entry.
  • Versatile–fits virtually any size or type of manhole.
  • Available in three widths.
  • Optional rubber extensions allow complete chimney coverage.
  • Reusable and adjustable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Mechanical seal, does not rely on chemical bond.
  • Not weather dependent for installation.
  • Best Warranty in the industry.

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Cretex Customer Testimonials

“My career in Wastewater for the City Of Kerrville began early 2001. During this 15 plus year employment as Collection Foreman, I have seen every type of adjustable ring come and go. From concrete to plastic and even the vulcanized rubber rings. Nothing has been easier, quicker or less intensive on my manpower as the Pro-Ring. They have stood up to side streets and highways alike with a ZERO failure rate.  And with the extreme light weight, loading and setting them is no longer a hassle. Thanks Pro Ring!”

Matthew Zapata, Water Reclamation Collection Foreman - City of Kerrville, TX

“Bill just wanted to send you a short note about Pro-Ring.  As you know we had a trial project with these in the Pima County area with a local contractor.  The product ordering experience was great and product shipped in a good, timely manner.  The success of that project has been a determining factor for us at Dana Kepner Tucson that we have decided to stock the various Pro-Rings keeping an inventory for our contractors.  As I stated–the ordering experience was great with the stock inventory being ship quickly.  We look forward to this product being a mainstay inventory and look forward to its usages in the Pima County areas and others.  We feel this product will be a profitable experience for Dana Kepner and look forward to future business with Pro Ring.”

Terry Spencer, Branch Manager - Dana Kepner - Tucson, AZ

“Installation went very good.  We have four or five we will be setting tomorrow.  I will also then be placing my second order for more rings. The guys really love them since they are so lightweight and easy to work with!”

Chad J. Scheinoha Highway Superintendent Highway Department

“Also, for reference on the PRO-RING’s as to the cost benefit – PRO-RING at $90 ea. Vs. concrete grade rings at $20 each. Yesterday afternoon my crew used the PRO-RING’s to replace and adjust two manhole castings. From the time they starting cutting the asphalt, removed it, removed the old castings, set the PRO-RING’s to grade, bolted the new castings in, backfilled, compacted and paved – 1 hour.   Job done and we don’t have to go back.  With the concrete rings, you can never really get the angle and grade set nice without mixing up concrete and tapping it correct, then you need to wait for the concrete to set up, at least an hour, backfill, then grout in the concrete riser rings.   Even using quickset, once you put a compactor to the gravel around it, you are hoping the concrete doesn’t move.  It was 2hrs per manhole with that system.   Crew cost is pushing $300+/hr with overhead and equipment.  More if you need traffic control/flagging on a busier roadway, not to mention the longer you are out there the more you are disrupting traffic.  The crews love the PRO-RING system. It’s fast, easy and leaves a perfect finish to grade.  It’s light weight and easy to install.”

James Storey, Utility Supervisor - District of Maple Ridge, BC

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