*Demo Guidelines & Restrictions

Have a manhole location with a problem?  Contact us and we will work with you to schedule a free* product demonstration. 

Our Reps and Regional; Managers will ask you to provide some specific information related to the manhole that you select for the product demonstration.  No matter which product, the information required will be the location, specific problem, furnishing photos or video and some measurements.  This information will allow us to determine if the manhole is a suitable candidate for a demo, what materials are needed and any special circumstances.

We will provide the materials for up to 12 vertical inches of chimney repair using an internal or external chimney seal or PRO-RING Manhole Adjustment Rings.  We will show you how the product is installed and allow your personnel to be engaged and hands-on.

Your responsibility would be to provide the equipment and manpower if needed.  We ask that you coordinate and facilitate any required utility locating (Call 811), traffic control, pavement cutting, pavement removal and excavation if needed.  Excavation work typically applies to PRO-RING or External Chimney Seal and not the Internal Chimney Seal.  Any backfill, grass surface or pavement restoration is the responsibility of the owner or utility being provided the product demonstration.

*Limitations apply